Firebase Authentication error

Hi guys
I don’t know what’s wrong with my firebase authentication,i can’t find my app user’s account and ID in the firebase “Authentication” section,and this is happening for the second time…Every signup details are wiped off,someone please help out,am still on SPARK PLAN Though,could that be the problem?

Hi @itzvinie,

Did you follow our firebase doc to set up your account and ID?




You’ll need to help us out a bit here @itzvinie, we’re Power Thunkers, not mind readers! :joy:

Perhaps there’s an error in you blocks, or with your API key?

We still don’t know of you’re using the RealtimeDB component or the Sign In Component, the more detail you can provide the more likely it is you’ll get a solution.

Thanks! :+1:

Ok,am using the Firebase “sign-in” component,so i got error loading user details from my Firebase Authentication tab.
And sometimes the app won’t even log-in into the app,after which the signup button or login is press

@itzvinie, I see. If you’re using sing-in feature on firebase, you can refer to this post: Sign In Masterpost with step-by-step setup. Thanks!

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