Firebase auth + nickname!

Hi guys, I successfully followed all tutorials on how to implement a Firebase login/sign-in functionality in my app.

What I can’t find so far is how to identify users by a nickname instead of email.

I mean, during the registration process (also in a second step if not possible during the registration) I want let users choosing a unique nickname too (check if already taken) associated to their email.

Once logged in, users will insert a set of data (like preferred books in a AirTable db) and the tricky part is that I need to query all rows… displaying their public nickname instead of email!

If you need clarification please feel free to contact me! I really need help to go ahead with a project.

Follow! I would love to know how to have user specific names in addition to the use of emails. Using emails may discourage users from publicly posting data in my app. I want to create a study app for students who may not want other students to know their scores. Using usernames allows for anonymity while allowing for public competition and goal setting.

Could you just have 2 columns for this? Use the email for the look-ups and just display the nickname to the end user?


What if two users have the same username. On a leaderboard this wouldn’t work so well. I want to have anonymous but public leader boards.

ie using a pseudonym or unique username vs their personal email to compete against everybody without knowing who anybody is.

is simple! every time a user choose his nickname you save it on a list and later when other user is choosing his nickname you check If the nickname is already taken by other user , you’ll have to get all the nicknames and then check with the block "does list contain “users nickname” ? if not then save it

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Is it possible in Firebase or where ?
I can’t understand how to register a new user with 2 fields: email and nickname.
Do you mean a solution like this or some other way ?

It isn’t just a matter of store a list of nickname and check if already exist one.
The problem is to match email-nickname during the registration process.
Or maybe I didn’t understand your answer? if could in case explain it better.

Hi @alfopietro,

There would be 2 aspects involved in adding a username to a user’s account: handling sign-ups and handling sign-ins.

Let’s assume that you are storing your users’ emails and usernames in a spreadsheet.

When a new user signs up:
As @Daniel_Coglitore said, you first need to check if their username is taken.
If it is, ask them to enter a different username.
If it is not, sign the user up and add the user’s email and username to your spreadsheet.

When a returning user signs in:
Get the index of the first instance of their email address in your spreadsheet.
Get the value from the ‘username’ column of this spreadsheet.
Display this value in your app.

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