Find an item cloned faster


here is the pattern i reproduced
Capture d’écran 2022-08-15 à 12.33.13

it contains 4 labels and 3 buttons
I memorized in a list each clone of the initial pattern

the way i proceed is too slow so when i change the color of the label flag with the button whose text is “V”
well what does not make me laugh (although it works) is that the modification is done on the other devices before the device at the origin of the modification
a master of clones certainly has the key…


I have read different posts and this
Capture d’écran 2022-08-16 à 04.43.47

does not work for me (a component identified by its name if I am not mistaken)


there is a slight improvement because instead of using a single loop to identify the buttons and the different labels I use for each button detected a loop even if I repeat a certain number of instructions on the other hand change the background color of 'a label always takes time even if it depends on the device used

maybe there is a way to identify the labels faster than I do…


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