Finally here! the Behavior Report Card (eBRC)


I just completed a research project for my graduate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis using this app! For anyone who needs further convincing, here is one more piece of evidence. Apps are the future.

Jared’s eBRC Research

1. Background

Welcome to the Behavior Report Card, developed with #thunkable-cross. I never planned on being here until I commissioned an app and got crap back. I decided to take the task upon myself.

I am a behavioral therapist and researcher working with children with autism and their parents. One of the biggest hurdles I face is finding a way to get parents to take data on their children. Parents are busy, and life is complicated. I have developed this behavior tracker to make it easier. By tracking their child’s behaviors, as a team, we determine if treatment is working or if we need to make changes to the program. This app allows for more data to be taken, for quick visual analysis, and for the parents and me to easily stay in touch every day even if I am not there.

As it stands today, Feb 13th, 2020, I will begin my thesis research project using this app within the next two weeks. If you know of any families that could benefit from this and would want to participate in research to develop an empirically validated data collection system for families.

Please feel free to leave any grows, blows, or whoahs! in the comments below!

2. Screenshots

3. Thank Yous

There is no way I could have finished this alone. I may miss someone, so if you know you helped and I left you out, I apologize and feel free to let me know, and I will tag you also!

Thank you:

@MyFiance - Dana Pellegrino, Ph.D. - thank you for allowing me to spend so much time on this. I love you!

@KevonJames (logo and banner designer)

@MyClassmates - thanks for the feedback
@MyGraduateAdvisor - Thomas Szabo, Ph.D. - thanks for the support and ideas

#firebase (signin)
#airtable (data management)
#webapi (graphs, date management for graphs) (all nonstandard buttons)
#onesignal (push notifications)
#integromat (delivers emails of data submissions to the user’s behavioral therapist)

4. Links

See it on the android App Store here!
bugs reported

  1. occuring on Samsung S8: in setup, when clicking on a number of behaviors to record, this does not make any dynamic changes. i.e. can’t set behavior names or recrding formats.

See it live on the iOS App Store here!


This looks like a fantastic app. Kudos for this!
I, personally, do not have someone to test it with, but I wanted to congratulate you.
:clap: :clap: :clap:


@yosik thank you!! I am aiming this towards teachers, therapists, and most of all parents who are asked to take data for those teachers or therapists. This is about 3 months of hard and at times frustrating work (lots of late nights after my day job, plus grad school, plus being a father of two). It feels real good to have it on the store and at the point it is in terms of UI/UX and functionality.

I plan to work on more apps in this arena this year! Thanks for your support :pray: :grin:


I’m glad to see that this app is published! I hope it has a really positive impact on families who use it :smile:


Thanks for your support, everybody!
[up-to-date screenshots below!]

I am now up to 95 total downloads with about 35 regular users! I have updated the look of the app and improved the functioning to remove bugs.

Here’s the new look!
I have
removed borders,
added shadows to visible components to improve styling,
added back the status bar (apparently not for all screens).
added a cloud sync ability to store settings to make app updates easier
charts now have locally calculated trendlines added to improve ease and speed of visual analysis
added one additional behavior measure

Side note for thunkable admins, often when a user updates the app, I get reports of weird stuff happening. For example, a user sent me a screenshot of the settings page with buttons missing after an update. I asked her to delete the app and reinstall, and it worked just fine, which is why I added the cloud settings. All settings (stored in Stored Variables) are overwritten after each update. Would using Local Storage instead of stored variables solve this issue?

Anyway, it’s doing great, and with the COVID crisis, people in my field need something like this more than ever!

Thanks to all who supported me in making this app!

^^^Still a work in progress!

My new landing page

[Registered Users Update 4/7] Now @ 124
Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 11.03.02 PM

4/10 | This app is being downloaded and used by many ABA Therapy Telehealth Providers at this time ~60 downloads in 2 days! Super pumped

update April 12

app flow




Excuse me? I’m pretty sure I could’ve publish this app without using pro and it would’ve been just fine. I think the only pro component I’m using or push notifications. Are you having a hard time creating an app that you like? I do provide some coaching if you have specific questions about things you’re trying to build. I also offer consulting services where for a fee I can work with you or build for you. However, I’d imagine since you’re on this forum that you want to build an app yourself. So, tell me, what are you struggling with?.

For full disclosure, I’m not a Thunkable staff and I want to make that clear.If you have a problem with thunkable you might want to message them privately because they’re probably not gonna see any message you leave on this thread.


It’s interesting to make demands of a company when you’re not even supporting them financially. I think it’s fine to help improve a free product by making critical comments about its functionality. But in this case, it sounds like you’re complaining that you didn’t buy the full version.

What are you missing in order to make your app?


Thanks :blush: @jared it is fine pm me and provide some coaching.i now think I also have some failures in development of an app


I kept on making one of my dearest app :sweat_smile: Imgfun


If you have a specific question, you can post it on the forum and I or others may help!


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