Therapy/Mood app


i am trying to make a Mood diary/tracker therapy app for CBT patients.

I am struggling to find any similar apps. I want the user to click on emojis and then write why they clicked that emoji and then store that on a calendar so they can review their past week.

Has anyone done something like this and help me or can you post similar projects underneath so i can take a look please.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Check out my app. The electronic behavior report card.

You could easily adapt the idea of tracking observeable behaviors and taking notes to tracking mood and taking notes.

You could adapt the slider/Likert style measurement with the star rating element


thats so cool. thank you!

is there a link to remix it?

I haven’t made anything like this but I’d definitely recommend the the app to someone in my family once you make it. :slight_smile:

Edit actually, I made a photo journal app for myself that is stores data in firebase and cloudinary. So in some ways it’s a little similar.


No remix link available. It’s a mess of code. Something like 5000 blocks total. Do you have specific questions on app functionality?

I’m kinda picky about that one. I can share lots of snippets tho


You don’t have to explain yourself.

Your code, your call.