Filter data spreadsheet/ local table


Thanks for analyzing the values! For the JSON block i ready corrected.

For the point 2. This is the airtable data:

I would like send this information to the local data. Into the airtable data i have images too in logo column.

when I have this configuration I will try to insert the formula filters.

Hello Jared

I hope you are good.

One question, this filter is use for one user?

I mean, if many users use the app, will the results for the filtering be correct? I would like to make a filter for busissnes names with all information like a logo category (the format that i will use in data viewer grind and data viewer list) This is the reason that i want send the information to the local data base (filtering) and then show these into a data viewers. What is your opinion about this?

I found a formula to filter the data by getting a keyword (I have a keyword column inside airtable) but first I want to try passing the data to the local database.

Thank you!

No, it works for any user, not just about 1! You’ll be able to correctly filtered/sorted deliver the data to your users assuming you don’t hit the api rate limit.

What kind of app are you workin on?

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The advantage of using filterByFormula from Airtable’s API is that each user can get a unique filter (if needed) but the data in the Airtable sheet is untouched. That’s different from trying to sort or filter the data directly within the Airtable sheet which then affects all users.


Hi jared,

I try to make a bussisnes app. The funtion is like a Amazon app that shows many objets to buy… this app i woud like to show many services (busissnes names) like a directory services. I have a airtable data with a many Categories ( example car mechanics, shops, travel agency, etc.) that i´ll set the customers in the future.

I try to make a filters because it is easier for the user to search for a service because so far I have more than 100 categories.

I show all data from airtable with a data viewer list and data grind list because in these i can show images (is more visual and looks great for design).

For the first step i would like to past all data rows (for the services or busissnes) from airtable
to local data table to show in data viewer list and data grind list, and the next step (2) work in a filter.

Today i set up the API response to get object from Json and the app shows all information in list viewer (the list viewer is only for a test) in vertical way:

In the other hand i show the structure that i have to send all information from airtable to local data table in the next image:

The target obtain like a the next example:

when the user searches for a business or service, the app shows data viewer list or data viewer grind. the exmaple was with the letter “C” and shows Car wash. The step for the abecedary and obtain the letter to the next steps is ready.

Thank you for your patience and time.

That sounds cool. Sounds like you need to filter your data by a field {an array} by checking for overlapping items in the [query array] (or single item) and bring that back into your app.

I wouldn’t do any filtering in app if you plan your users to have internet at least the majority of the time. this is slow and inefficient in most cases when you are filtering rows and rows of data. Sorting is an even harder task. You can do both using the airtable API.

I would make queries based on user input and fill up the local table with the data returned. I have an example of doing this with xano and the data grid viewer in this project.

I haven’t hooked up my airtable filter example above to a DVL but that would be super easy by using a table. deleting it each time you get new data, then filling with new data rows. That plus optimizing images will be key!

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Hello Jared!

thanks for sharing the application, it is helping me a lot!

Hello Tatiang

I hope you are good

I think the implementation is almost ready. I have a question, can you create a whole list in the local database using the “create a row” block? Because when I put a variable that has a list in a value of the create a row block, it only shows me one value

These are the bloks:

if I just put a value as Category in a list viewer, this displays it fine:

You are so kind
in telling me what blocks I have to use to create a whole list in a column of the local database, please?

Thank you very much for your patience.

You can definitely save a list to a variable in Thunkable. And you can definitely store that variable in a cloud database. I’ve done that with Firebase. Can you do that with Airtable? I’m not sure. You could try defining the field type as Multiple select field. If that doesn’t work, what I usually do in Airtable/Google Sheets is to store the list as a comma-separated (or other character-separated) text value. So a list like {“yes”,“no”,“maybe”} becomes “yes,no,maybe” or “yes#no#maybe”. And then I convert it back to a list when I get the value from Airtable.


Hello Tatiang

I hope you are fine

I was looking in the forum if there was something similar to what I need and if I found it:

I saw that in this example has a other Api block:

Do you know how can i get the same configurations?

Thank you!

The “GetAllRows” block is only available in the older Snap to Place (StP) interface. In the newer Drag and Drop (DnD) interface, you can only get a row object (for a single row) or a list of values (for a single column) from a data source.


Hello All

I hope you are good. I´ve been working to paste the airtabe data to internal data base and it´s working.

Now, I´m trying to build the filterByFormula but I´m lost because in airtable I have a document with several sheets and I only want to filter on a specific column named “Abecedario” within a particular sheet (check below the good one sheet with the name " negocio").

And these are the blocks:


I would like to use the next formula (check below) since it will help me later to search for keywords within the same cell within the airtable document.

Are you so kind to guide me on how to correctly put the filterByFormula with the Regex_Estract formula and only search within the correct sheet (negocio) in the “abecedario” column, please? or what can you recommend me?

thanks for the support.

Nice day!

I unfortunately have no experience with Airtavle however I came across the below post which I think might help you.

Or maybe this part of it

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