FILE GURU: Direct Download Link Finder

FILE DLOAD was used instead of FILE GURU due to SEO

FILE DLOAD(File Guru) is a tool to assist you in finding direct download files using advance Google Search. It searches open directories that are available in public but hidden in normal search.

Now what we did is compiled all available open directories and created a custom search. So all the search result will be coming from those open directories.

Also Try the web/desktop version

There are chances that the result will lead to a dead index list. All you have to do is to check the other result or edit your search query. We keep on adding available open directories everyday.

** add the file extension
eg: Bruno Mars Album mp3
eg: (Movie name) 1080p or HD
eg: (book name) PDF

Video tutorials Coming Soon

File Guru hosts no content, We just provide available files that are already available online

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