How to download file from link of google drive to device


I want to download pdf from google drive link…
More clearly, I want to copy the file from URL to device
How can we do this in X?
Any help will be appreciated…



Hi there,

If you have a file hosted on Google Drive at[file ID], you can get a direct download link for it at[file ID]

You can also find websites which do this conversion for you, like this one.

Hope that helps!



Thank you So Much!


Could you please tell me where to get the FileID?
It would be a great help :slight_smile:



It’s just the part of the URL after file/d/, but before the next ‘/’ character…
So in, the file ID is XXXX.

Make sure the URL you’re taking the file ID from says /file/ and not /folder/!


Thank you so much!


Oh oh,
I think I replied too early before testing on the app… :sweat_smile:
I just tested on link on PC…
@Jane, Now, when checked on App, the button instead opens the file in my google drive app.
What am I missing?
The code :



Can you also help me with this :

I have a Pay Screen in my app.
What I want to do is, I want to open Chrome with my payment link(only when the very first time the app is opened) & the second time (when the user presses back from Chrome and comes back to my app),
I want the label to go : Succesfull Transaction! and after 2 sec., open my Menu screen.
How can I achieve this?