Figma screens in thunkable with illustrations : not working

Hi, I am new to this thunkable community, I actually can’t understand why my figma screens in thunkable lag a lot… I am using illustrations and these illustrations take a long time to load and when I preview my app on my device, it says wrong blocks placed but I didn’t even place a single block wrong in the main screen and of course I added navigator and there is no option to change screen as I didn’t place a button to go next screen (after going to next screen, we have navigator there) but what about the first screen which has no problem. The bad thing about this new UI is it is LAGGY!!! I mean when I tried to add text input and resize it, It is taking 150 seconds to correctly place a single input. I am sick of tiredness to place inputs properly… (Problem with : Inputs, Illustration loading…)

Link of thunkable : Thunkable
(The main screen if out of navigator because when the user clicks the teacher button he will go to navigator included screens where he can easily navigate), (The app is still in development so not done coding to navigate yet…)