Figma for... prototyping devices?


Do you ever dream of building your own Smartphone, and have trucks of money, all to your self, read on to know How (:shushing_face: Its Easy)

Special prototyping On figma !

Most thunkers know about Figma. You can Prototype in it, you can see how your app looks, you can get stuck with the pen tool and take a lifetime to disable it, and etc.

now, You can kill your time by building your own device!

  1. Open figma

  2. Create a new “Design File”

  3. Now, draw a rectangle with your desired dimensions



  4. Copy And paste It so you can do both the sides

  5. Now Add Your Own pictures, Icons And Front Camera and back camera, and experiment with Color schemes

here are two prototypes i Made.

Vamon Pad 12"
This was when I first realized you can make devices on figma.

Vamon Nexus 5 pro
This was when I thought of naming my “if my device goes to production, people will list this name in the top 10 smartphones in the world” company “Vamon”.

Why Stop On 2D ?

If you thought Using figma to build smartphones is inappropriate, Then just skip this part, because this website was not made for this at all.

Just go to sketchup (A website + Software used by architects to build prototype structures.), See a sketchup basic tutorial, know about the tools and start a 3D model !

if you make a prototype on Sketchup, Be sure to link it in the comments!

Should I build a phone prototype on Sketchup ?
  • Yep
  • Nope
  • If you want to
  • IDK

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PS : If you never knew about devices prototypng in Figma And You prototyped, And then your prototype becomes real and you build the next Apple (orange :tangerine:, maybe?), You owe me 50% of your Income. and, i don’t know how, but I Wrote This message a) in 30 mins b) made it surprisingly sound as though it’s sponsored (its not).

Edit : I will close the poll on 15th

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Sooooo, “Yep” Won

And I don’t break promises so I made the Device today

Presenting, Vamon Nexus pro 6!

So let me show you the cams.

Orange is the main cam, Grey is the Video cam, Florescent is The Super wide Cam and Blue Is the Super Macro Cam.

Blue is the front main camera, Yellow is the Flashlight, And red is the front video camera.
And the highlighted part is the “Box”, Which comes with Clear pods (Might come soon), And charges when the device gets charged.

Hope you like it.


I’m not sure I follow the idea of this post.

Where is Thunkable in the story???

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Well, If you are asking, I actually posted this on #off-topic, but @domhnallohanlon (No offence) edited this and tagged it on creator’s lounge. plus, you can prototype your apps literally add screenshots of your app running on your own tablet or device.

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And why would anyone wants to duplicate the efforts on oneself.

If you want to prototype a Thunkable app, show your client the screen shots of the design in Thunkable itself to go to another app just to draw it and then you go and design it again in Thunkable is just a mere waste of time and effort.

If you want to create your own design (maybe the background image of a row/column) and you can design it in Figma and import it into Thunkable then yes I understand the point you are trying to make.

Happy Thunking!

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