[feedback needed] Admob

Hello Thunkers!

Over all these years we have seen a lot of our users building amazing, successful apps, with lots of downloads, and making some revenue from them.

AdMob integration is currently available to assist creators in generating revenue from their apps.

For users who have not yet implemented AdMob, the process is largely described in the steps below:

Step 1: Integrate AdMob components into your app (AdMob components, app ids, tracking description, testing).

Step 2: Fill out this form and submit it here. (information needed: AdMob Publisher ID, Thunkable Project URL, your thunkable account email, Country, project URL, links to your published app on the app store and/or Google Play, Name, Description and Category of your app, etc.

Step 3: Accept our invitation to join our MCM Network.

Step 4: Our AdMob team reviews and approves your app.

Step 5: You publish your app.

Step 4: Our AdMob team reviews and approves your app.

Step 5: Make your app available for download.

Step 6: Check the AdMob platform for updates and follow up on Google messages. (For instance, rejection emails.)

Step 7: Gain traction for your apps, which will lead to revenue.

Do you think there is something unclear about the process?

With which step are you struggling the most?

Which of these steps was the most confusing to you when you were considering implementing AdMod? What exactly do you need to clarify?

What is your general opinion?

We would love to hear your valuable feedback!

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Since you recently went through the Admob process, we would like to hear your thoughts!
Thank you for your time! :pray: