Export thunkable project to programming code


I want to know the procedure to export an app from thunkable to code (if possible).

Thanks in advance.

simple answer you can decompile your app else its not possible

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Can I unzip the zip file and when I open it copy and paste the code in a code editor?
Tell me what you would do and how

if in android classic/kodular you can save as aia file but for thunkable x i believed there is no option on that. What are reason to convert to other programming language?

see download apk and see some videos for decompiling an app…

so you have ur apk from then do it

heres one for support but try if it wrks :https://www.thecrazyprogrammer.com/2016/06/decompile-apk.html

no she meant programming code,so thunkable apps code in react code