Exclusive for Thunkers! Auto-Sync for Spreadsheets Powered by Cloudstitch

Hey Thunkers!

We have another exciting announcement today for those of you who use the Spreadsheets powered by Cloudstitch. Thanks to @ted_copy and the team at Cloudstitch, you can auto-sync your app and spreadsheets data for free! (For regular Cloudstitch customers, you have to upgrade your account to enable this feature).

To enable auto-sync, just add “?dev=true” to the end of the API endpoint field

Please help us show our friends at Cloudstitch some love!

Albert @ thunkable

See documentation here


This is awesome, it opens Cloudstich in Thunkable up to so many more possibilities! Thanks @ted_copy!


Thanks @albert and @domhnallohanlon!

We’re very happy to give the Thunkable community a bit love and are interested to hear about what you build! Let us know if there are any other changes you’d like to see – we think there are a lot of cool possibilities with Thunkable + Cloudstitch.


Simply awesome!!! Thank you!!!

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Awesome News.Now we got more option

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Really a great news.
I was working with thunkable for the past 2 months. I must say that you guys are awesome. The support that I got was really appreciable. I used cloudstitch spreadsheet for my project. With this new feature you guys added a new dimension to its use. proud to be a part of this great community.

Hey @albert

I just posted a short little YouTube video showing the new project creation process for Cloudstitch+Thunkable apps. Hope this helps! Let me know if you all need any more documentation. Thanks are essentially the same; just a new way to create the project.



Awesome. Thanks Ted!

Could someone explain exactly what auto-sync means and the importance of enabling it? Thanks!

Thanks Ted, glad to hear that

when i creat a spreadsheet then go for edit than shown this massage on browser “502 Bad Gateway
nginx/1.10.3” please help me to solve this problem

You have to right click on the icon next to the sheet name (in dashboard screen) and open in new window :slight_smile:

thanks James, But this not solve to problem, Delete projects. this solution gives only ,updation via google spreadsheets.

But right now sign up is closed on cloud stitch…
is there any other way or any alternative apart from cloud stitch?