Eternal looping when using Airtable data source to post gyroscope values

I try to send the gyroscope values of the phone to Airtable database, but it just doesn’t work. No any row is created inside the Airtable database.

Screenshot 2022-04-08 175447

Here is the link:

What else have you tried? For example, can you create a row in Airtable using a When Screen Opens block and using very simple text blocks that have “test” as their value for all four column values in the Create Row block?

Post a screenshot of that test and let us know if that works. If it does, try removing one block at a time from the blocks in your first screenshot to see which block is causing the problem. You could have an invalid value somewhere.

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I can post valid values to the Firebase’s Realtime database using the Firebase settings at the left panel.

I thought you were using Airtable???

Are you just mentioning Firebase because the gyroscope values work there? Please see my specific questions above.

So, I try to use the text blocks for the Airtable and it works.

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Turns out that the problem was because of the Airtable site field formatting. Instead of set the format to “date”, I should have set it to “text” format.


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