Error with running app

Hello Thunkable,
Many users emailed me about this error. Sometimes when they start the app it shows a blue screen with an error as it is shown in the picture below.
Is it a bug or I did something wrong with the app?

Is this affecting Guidy @Hayder?

From you Play Store console can you see if these crashes are happening on just one particular Android version, or if they’re spread across several versions?

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Yes, it is about Guidy.
I got many crashes on play store. I find out if the users got to
Phone setting - apps - Guidy - storage - clear data
Then the app works well but not all users know this way. If someone update the app it works well but if they download it the first time usually get this error.

Different versions. I am afraid that users will uninstall the app because this error. I hope you can help me out fixing this as soon as possible.

Strange… are you downloading a lot of data from the web @Hayder?

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Not too much! But it happens even with a different app that has a little data.

How often are you downloading data @Hayder?

And, how often do your users need to download new data?