App Crashes On second Lunch after downloading in App Store

The app was working on the previous build, now it crashed every time I open it after launching for the first time. I was unable to upload a new copy last 2 weeks, app store says security is old and they recommend newer security. I will try uploading again but this issue should not exist since its a simple radio app

Not sure of your experience with Thunkable. Thunkable X I assume you a re using.
Not a lot of info here but the first thing I would do is

  1. Make sure that Thunkable is up to date?
  2. Did you load a test to Android and Apple device to make sure it was working OK. Via Nox simulator or via share or download?
  3. I also check everything works when developing after just a couple of changes using NOX. Don’t want to get to far down the track and then find out something in the blocks is wrong.

Regards Barrie