App randomly developing bugs and crashing - no pattern - am I going nuts?

I have been working with X-Thunkable for 2 weeks now and am increasingly noticing, unpredictable behaviour…

I am making copies of working apps and then when making the most basic of changes (sometimes just simple design changes) whole other parts of the app don’t work correctly - or crash.

It is as if when it is compiling to test on my phone something corrupts?

Frighteningly, I have even had earlier, working versions of apps corrupted by faults from newer versions, I am spending hours re-doing work. I have literally block-by-block one apps code into another and suddenly, randomly, the app will work as intended.

This is the latest:

Note, the app is a revision tool for learning. Users select a topic, read about it and choose to add to a revision list…

This version works fine:

Items from sections 1, 3 and 5 can be selected.
Added to a Revision list and then removed - NO PROBLEM.

However, this version:

Seems to mix up elements of other sections and crashes when deleting the last item in the list. - This problem (crashing and mixing topic descriptions up) happens a lot when I copy a good working app and then make changes to it.) Section 6 isn’t fully working, when the code is a direct copy of other working sections.

Is there something fundamentally wrong I’m doing - or is x-thunkable riddled with bugs???

In case the above links no longer work - as I’ve been working again on the app.
I a can categorically state again that apps that once worked fine are developing faults,
without being altered in anyway.

This link (which I will not alter!) was working 100% 24 hours ago:
It now crashes when a user adds items to a revision list and then attempts to remove the last one.
It DID NOT do this yesterday. No code what-so-ever in it has altered. I just renamed the app.
I have a downloaded (emailed) version installed from yesterday that still works fine.

How can renaming an app cause it to crash? What else could be happening?
Note, I have re-installed the Thunkable testing app (from AppStore) several times to see if that flushed out the problem.

Is this in Android or IOS, i.e. the crashing. I can help debug in Android.

I have also experienced the same type os issues, and ended up porting my application to another platform because of it. However that is for Android only. The devs will be very responsive if we have debug data.

Do you know how to use the adb commands?

I also encountered the same problem.

From my experience in creating a mobile app in thunkablex I can say that it is really unstable. I coundn’t even complete a simple app because once installed it keeps on crashing.

I suggest if you are making an Android App then use thunkable classic.

But if you really need an iOS app then stick with thunkablex and bear a lot of crashes :slight_smile:

I would really like the app for both iOS and Android. I am testing it (and watching it crash) in iOS. It is the sporadic nature of the crashing that baffles me and to have a version that used to work fine, then suddenly not (without altering it) is worrying. I am going to re-think how I am making the app as a whole and see if it flushes the issue out. Don’t get me wrong, on the whole, it’s an amazing piece of software.