Error messaage when making a dublicate

I get this error message when i make a dublicate of my app project.
@domhnallohanlon maybe you can se why???
Save copy error

No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5be95eb12e166799eae85974/projects/5e650dd1ad18f7cf4fca170a/assets/5e650dd1ad18f78f7bca171a

the list of projects can contain only 10! if you try to save a take, but the list already has 10 projects, then nothing will be saved, there will be an error!

I have had way over 20 and 30 project earlier without any problems. Now I have deleted a lot old versions but still same issue

This limit is only for free users @sewar, since @funhall is a PRO member he can create as many projects as he likes.

If you PM my your project link I can try to manually fix the assets for you - this usually resolves the issue.


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