Error copying shared project via link, can you fix please?

I have 3 classes with students making apps. I got them to share their apps with me, using generate link, at the end of the semester last week so I could grade them. In each class I had 1 or 2 kids where I got this error when I try to “Error copying shared project via link”.

Is there a way you can fix this one? I got most of the kids to show me the apps or record a video, but I couldn’t get this one from the girl who did it and the semester is over now.

Go to this project page (I made a copy)

Thanks I was able to get into it with the 2nd method

It’s stopped working now and I didn’t grade it yet, can you fix it again please?
I’m getting this now
Oops! The project you are looking for was either deleted or may not be public.