Empty table from Data Source


It is pretty easy to add a new row to a table. However, I am struggling to find a way to empty / remove all rows from a table.

I tried to create a function that is going through all rows and replace the current value by an empty text :

It does not seem to work. I would be grateful if you could help me!


Good thought. Unfortunately to overwrite a row with these blocks you need to know the rowID. Not the row#

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We are currently working on implementing a block to allow you to delete individual items from your data sources. I’m not sure if we have one to clear all data on the roadmap but feel free to open a github ticket and we will be sure to look into it.


Thank you Steven! I will open a ticket on GitHub.

Without this feature, I can’t use my own API to provide content to the data viewer list.

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You probably can with the help of Integromat or Somme other automation service. I can show you an example if you’d like

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