Emojis not displayed properly

Here’s a strange issue that probably not too many people have run across…

I wanted to make a 5-character string filled with random emojis from https://getemoji.com so I tried these blocks:

But they result in this when previewed:


Or other strange renderings where the emojis (there should be 5 red hearts) are displayed strangely:


It’s definitely related to the emoji characters and also to the in text get block because if I replace the emojis with something like text symbols ("!@#$%^&"), it works fine and if I set the label’s text to “:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:” it works fine.

My example above shows a random letter from the string “:heart:”. That was just to illustrate the problem. The actual string I’m hoping to use is:


Then again, some of the emojis right above are also not formatting correctly… I wonder if something changed in the emoji encoding or in Thunkable. I wasn’t having problems like this before.


Remember that emojis are sometimes 2 characters and sometimes 3 or 4 so you need to create a List of objects that contains the emoji itself and another property to store the number of characters it consists of so you can properly get the in text part.


Thanks, I didn’t realize that. Is there an easy way to determine the string length of an emoji then?

Edit: That’s alright, I looped through each 2-character substring and added them to a list. That worked!


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