Any Component block

Hi All,

this is about any component block that i use for my app.

how to avoid duplicate emoji as screen shoot below.?

what i want for one label only can use 1 emoji at same time.

Here is my block

You are joining the new emoji with the label’s text. So if the text already has an emoji, you’re going to have two.

You need to join the new emoji with the source of the label’s text. What is the source of the label’s text? Did you type the label text in? Are you using a data source for that?

If you typed the text in, then you’ll have to use the substring block and join the new emoji with the substring from letter #2 to the last letter of the label’s text:

This will only work is there is already an emoji. So you’ll have to check for that by using the “in text get letter #1” block.


thank you for your advice. if i can understand source here it refer to list of something? i am not sure if my understand wrong about source. for my case label it refer to list i created and i populated in list viewer. let me provide full block so you can understand what i am doing.



it able to add emoji mark and unmark but this time label i click it become some kind of id. any idea how to solve the issue?

The green “component” block has the ID of the label, which is a long string of characters (as seen in your screenshot).

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so how do i overcome the issue? mark and unmark issue is resolved but now component i click it turn label id.