Renaming isn't... real? Problem with any component blocks

I discovered that even if I renamed a design element (a button in this case) the update hasn’t been registered so, since my any block component is looking for a specific name, which I set, in the design part of the app, but in the actual app it’s calling the button with an old name.

I explain:

My button was called “Button_Pizza”.

Then I renamed it to “Main_Button_Pizza”.

So I created any blocks events that interacted with the new name “Main_Button_Pizza”.

But if I check and make the app show me the name of the component that I’m clicking, it shows that the button that I rename “Main_Button_Pizza” is called “Button_Pizza”.

Hope it’s clear.

Thanks Max,

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using to do this test please?


A very simple one: Screenshot_2019-07-17%20Thunkable

Like, in this case, when I press that button, instead of “Pulsante_Main_Margh…etc”, I get and older name, and it’s the same for the other buttons.

You can show your screen, how could you get the name of the component with this block? As far as I understand, this block returns the hash code of the object and cannot return the object name.

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I don’t exactly know what the hash is,

What happens is that when i press the button that you can see in that screenshot, the “Pulsante_Main_Margherita al taglio” I get from the app “Pulsante_Margherita”
which is an old name that I gave to that button, but I changed to use it with anycomponent blocks and I should get “Pulsante_Main_Margherita al taglio” as text.

The name of my button is btnCreateComponent. When the block is executed below, the screen below is shown.


How did you get the name I do not understand.

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Cause you created a JSON from the object but the “component” is the name of the button that is clicked in the “when any button is clicked” event

Let me disagree with you. JSON cannot affect the retrieved value in any way, because in this case this block is used to display data in string form, in case component is an object.

If you have this block returns the name of the object, then it says a bug.


In which version of Android and on which device is your name displayed?

I think the component should return the name of the design object, other wise what’s the use of it?

It in fact works if I use the Pulsante_Margherita name, but it should work with the new renaming to be perfect and very useful.

I’m on samsung s7, not sure about os version but it’s the same on iPhone

This is surprising, because the code is displayed on my iPhone6.

What code?

Screenshot from my device (iPhone6 iOS 12.3.1) screen.

do it with a button

Try my project. Do you press the button to show the name of the button in it as well?

Ah ok ok, so, what I think is:

Renaming the design elements takes some time, it’s not instant,

So the code that you are getting is the code that the system gave to your button, if you leave it there, I don’t know for how long, it will be changed to the name you gave it

In my app I don’t get a code, I get an older name that I gave to the button

As you know, there is a block for dynamically creating a button during program execution. When using this block, we do not specify a name. For this reason, it is more logical that the reference to the component returns the code representation of the object, and not its name.

Max, I did not understand. Does my application return a code when you click a button?

Yes, it does return a code, instead of the button’s design name.

But in my app, the same blocks, return a name, instead of a code.