Can I reference components by name?

Hello everybody, I left the platform for a long time since it was too slow on my pc, but now I don’t know if they fixed it or is it cause I switched to linux, but it’s working better, so I’m back but I still see that something that i need to automatize my app is missing, the possibility to use the actual name of the component i created.

I mean: I have many buttons that basically do the same thing, but every button changes certain variables, like, if i press the margherita, the price goes to 1, if i press another pizza it goes to 1.2 etc, to fully automate it letting me use the clone function in the proper way i need to ‘access’ the component name when it is cloned, or just when i use the any button block.

E.g. if my label is called label_price_of_margherita, if I can access to that value I can automatically assign a value to the text that it has to show.

I hope I was clear enough on what I’d like to see in the platform

Hey @maxb, welcome back!

Yep, we made an update and everything is much faster for larger projects now.

Moving you question out to its own topic so it get a little more love from the community!


Good, I remember that @Mark told me they were working on it or just thinking about it.

I feel that this would be very powerful to automatize every app and extremely reduce the number of blocks.

There is still a feature in development that will solve this particular problem, but unfortunately it’s not out yet. I’m guessing it’s 4-6 weeks out, but schedules frequently change, so it might take longer…

We’ll create a way for you to add a new property to every button - which should allow you to distinguish between your components and consolidate your code. We’ll have more info when it gets released.


Yes, that’s what Mark was talking about, but I didn’t think it would take so long :sweat_smile:, it was almost a year ago :sob:

However, better late than never, guess I’ll have to come back later :smile:

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Hi @maxb,

maybe this discussion on github helps you? It is about how to add an index to a cloned component. That way, you can click on “pizza”-button or “margherita”-button, get the index and assign an appropriate price:


Hey Michael thank you!
it was useful because it gave me the idea to use lists and now it’s working pretty fine!