Embed HTML in Web Viewer

I have searched this topic but did not find a solution on how to embed an iframe in web viewer. I can see how to insert a url, but that does not work for me. How can I embed html?

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Your description is not clear. Please show your code and explain were you did not get what you expected.

Thank you for the reply. The code I want to embed is simple html for an iframe. Can I embed html in web viewer?

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Please explain what you mean by this and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show your code if you want help from the members of the community. Leaving people to guess what you mean does not help you to find and answer.

I tried replying with the iframe html but it is not displaying.

<iframe src="https://mysamplewebsite1234.com?theme=light" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="width: 100%; min-height: 450px; border: 0;"></iframe>

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The webviewer kindly accepts all forms of appropriately formatted URLs :joy:

It doesn’t take code. No iframe configuration needed if you’re only displaying a website. It IS the iframe and you just need to point the webViewer at the correct URL

Read it again below

Let it sink in then come back with a screenshot of what you’ve tried.

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You need to put this code inside HTML file and supply the URL of this file to the web viewer.

Alternatively, when you create the HTML file you can load it in the project as an asset then use the name of the file as the URL of the web viewer.

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Thank you @muneer

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When one clicks on that image on the website, sound plays. No sound plays when I click on it in web viewer. Is there a way to test that I am not aware of?

Found web preview