Create iframe inside of webviewer

I am trying to insert this link:,10.013988&heading=210&pitch=10&fov=35

into webviewer as HTML code in an iframe. How can I do this without create an html file and uploading it to thunkable? I’ve tried using data:text/html, but it wont work. Thank you!

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data/text/html only works for Android. iOS does not allow this scheme.

If you are trying it on an iPhone then it will NOT work.

The webviewer is pretty much an iframe already. What exactly are you trying to do?

I see. Why dont you use the native map component? And if you really need it, an html file with only a webviewer is something I can help with!

Just come ask me anything!

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The widget im trying to implement requires that it be in an actual iframe or it won’t work. Im trying to implement an interactive street view of multiple locations so I cant just upload it in a static html file

This is very doable with Thunkable.

I could build this out for a small fee! if you’re interested, let me know!

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