Is it possible to load html code into the webviewer?

I would like to know if it is possible to load raw html code in the web viewer.

I would like the html code to change according to the user because I’m creating invoices. it’s impossible for me to load a html file directly locally like file.html it would be useless I can’t dynamically change its content, do you have an idea ?

I searched for a few hours but nothing works at the moment the data:text/html, neither

simple ans:not possible
but u can make it as html site n do

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Check out the webviewer post/receive message functionality

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@drted Oh thanks, I knew this feature but I didn’t know it was possible to load html code with it. I’ll try some things during the day and I’ll get back to you thanks.

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yes we can and we can do many things with html and and use web viewer to implement it like copying text

Here is the code

		 ThunkableWebviewerExtension.receiveMessage(function(htmlpdf) {
document.body.innerHTML = htmlpdf;