ECM Rates - Freelance rates for Editor and Post-Production Personnels

My 1st app for the local freelance Editors & Post-Production Personnels in Malaysia!

It took me 2 solid month from ZERO knowledge on coding, to publishing apps both on the apps store and google play store! With only a graphic background and some HTML language since the days of the internet, that drove me to create a simple app for my film community which started with PDF formats since 2009.

This app list local freelancers rates for Film/TV Editors in Malaysia and its the first locally.

Thank you thunkable and the great community!

#MadeWithThunkable with love



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Thanks for sharing @isazaly!

Really admire your persistence with this - it’s always amazing to hear from users with no coding skills who have successfully managed to create and publish their own apps - congrats!

Not sure if it’s just me/my browser but it looked like a couple of the images on your App Store listing might be missing? Does it look like this for you by any chance?

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ALL good here on my side.

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