Dwallpaper (wallpaper app)

I use both builders so i will like to post my project here too.

Sneak peek #1 v1.0.1
Hi,developers this is a sneak peek for my app #1 which will be releasing soon.

All new welcome screen
updated image and branding

6 Categories of wallpapers (NEW)
let’s welcome the new UI :star_struck:



Note: you may not see wallpapers according to the category which i’m currently working.

Thanks for being here :heart_eyes:

Let’s meet on the v1.0.1


Finally, finished version is out!

This update includes
*Updated UI
*Categorized option(still working)
*card view style(NEW)
*more wallpapers(NEW)
*updated branding
*fixed image were not shown
*improved performance

also includes







Thanks for being here

Special thanks to @Nathan and All

Test apk: Dwallpaper.apk - Google Drive

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Good work!

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Anyone know a site were we can get wallpaper using web component for different category ?

Hola tendrás el AIA para ver este componente web yo estoy por terminar mi app pero tengo problemas al cargar imagenes

@NDL_Oficial Por qué no. por favor, Pm, seguramente te lo daré. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Im telling you, you always find some way to tag me, I cant get away LOL


encontraste uno?

Wow!! Owesum. Honestly… Good job :star_struck:

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thank you

bro, how you manage to load images one by one?