DVG - can i have more than 2 items per row when the DVG is in a layout component?

I really want to be able to have a DVG that works on a desktop version of my app… without using the layout and making own dvl

I can only get 2 columns to show on my dvg even though it’s as wide as the screen. I’d like the things to wrap horizontally

@jared The Data Viewer Grid is built to only ever show two columns.

The likely solution to this would be to deign some type of grid on your own and use clones to read the data.

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Thats what i was thinking.

I’ll try concocting something that grabs the screen width on page load and then compute how many items to throw in each row using a layout component.

would still love to see the ability to set min/max height/width on components vs a fixed height/width. that would make this task a bit sexier in the end

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