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Data view grid normally came with default 2 column. How to create like 3 or 4 column?

There is no way to do this with the built-in Data Viewer Grid (DVG). You can do this with clones but it’s a lot harder than using a DVG.


That why i saw old forum they mentioned able to do that.

Data Viewer Grid size restrictions - #14 by codeswept

i have other idea. if possible from images then link to datastore? for example page 1 i have a few images then when i click it went to details page but need to match from datastore. how to do that ?

Yes, you can do that. The DVG will have a “when click” event block. That will provide a row id which corresponds to the rows in your data source. So once you get that value you can assign it to a variable and then use the variable as the row id to get data from that same row of the data source to display it on another screen.

I manage to that but on screen 2 how do get other value from same row?
here i am explain in block.



airtable datasource

Where is this block?

That’s what I mentioned above and that’s how you get the green row id block that you can assign to a variable and use on any other screens.

Edit: Oh, I think you’re no longer using a DVG. In that case, can you give an example of the value you want to get when the user clicks an image? What would they click and which row would the other data come from?

Here’s a suggestion: when the user clicks an image, set a variable to the row number related to that image. Then use the variable to get data from that row on a different screen. It looks like you are using image 11 for row 1, image 12 for row 2, and image 13 for row 3. So when the user clicks an image, set app variable row number to that same number (1, 2 or 3).

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i have to change the method DVG to image because the column only allow 2.

This is work for me thank you sir.


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