Duplicating Blocks

I seem to have found a bug with blocks which makes them duplicate constantly.

  1. I added the Web_API1.Get block into the Screen1.Starts event.

  2. Then I dragged the response block out of its default socket. (Another one appears in its previous place)

  3. Drag the grayed-out block back onto the response output.

  4. You can see that there are now 2 response blocks that are both grayed-out, and when I right click on block editor, the context menu says “Delete 353 blocks”. This number increases every time I right click to open the context menu again.

I know this isn’t just a bug with the context menu reporting the wrong number, because the blocks editor gets extremely slow, you can also see them disappear after clicking delete.


Thanks for reporting this, Conor! I believe I know what’s going on. We’ll put it on our bug queue.


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not to be rude or anything, but this is the most obnoxious bug ever. at first i thought it was a joke how bad it is. no matter which variable you use, your computer turns into a space heater, while your website uses the same amount of power as my bitcoin mining rig at full blast while on fire. probably don’t add it to the queue, maybe get on top of it now. cause your service would be perfect for me if this wasn’t happening. and also how long is your queue, its been over 6 months… and just to let you know, i tried and it happens in all my browsers, chrome, firefox, opera, tor even .

Sorry, Jacob. Yeah, we know that when it happens it’s extremely annoying. However, we don’t believe that it’s super common, so we’ve had other bugs and features that have had higher priority. That said, we’ll definitely take a closer look at this issue for our next round of prioritization. The good thing is that we’re pretty sure we know what’s going on, so once we decide to fix it it shouldn’t be too difficult.


ok, thanks for the quick response. It’s only affecting my login element, although i’m not quite sure how to use said element yet, but hopefully we’ll have good news soon :smile:


Just to be clear, the duplicating blocks should only occur when you attempt to put one of the “with outputs” blocks back into (or right near) it’s original slot. You should be able to use the Sign In normally, as long as you don’t do the above. Are you seeing the issue in some other context?


no, i’ve just figured that out myself, that if i need to put something back, i should just trash it rather than putting it back. Thanks for the help, though