Drawing with fingers?

I just tried to develop a project for “Drawing with finger on canvas”,

But I only found the function “when pointer is down on canvas”.
I miss “pointer is up” and “pointer moved”.
Any suggestions to solve the problem?



For Stage Touch Drawing.set to true

Thank you @actech ,

drawing now really works.


Is there any function to set the pointer’s position?


As a pointer, you can use the sprite as in the tortoise chart. Then when you move it, drawing will occur. If you don’t want to display the sprite, you can reduce the sprite size to 0.01 px. In this case, the sprite will be invisible, but you can move it and draw lines.

Cool example app. I like this for brief note taking or doodling!!

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I want to put the photo taken on the convas as the background, then I can paint the lines by hand, and finally save the photos and lines as a jpg file.,How do?

See scrCanvas in https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5d70f93f8a62b4079eedaff2/project/properties/designer/

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Is there any way to clear the screen of drawings?

cavas/looks/clear drawing on/canvas2

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Thank you very much @rollke!

I can’t find the instructions for SAVE。save


I want to take this picture instead of this picture, how to do it?

Unfortunately, I can’t understand your question.

This photo is uploaded, I want to replace it with the photo taken by the camera。

Can you show me a block that can be used to set the background image for the canvas?

I can’t find it in stage2,Is there any other way?

Use JavaScript and HTML Canvas, if you know what it is.


I found that other people have discussed this block before, but can’t find it now?save3

Isn‘t that thunkable classic?

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