Drawer Navigation/splash screen issue


I’m using ios.thunkable to create an even app, and having an issue with using the drawer navigation:

The splash screen is set up on screen1 with a timer to fire and cause navigation to screen2, which is within the drawer (alongside screen3 etc).
Everything works fine navigation wise, but it is possible to swipe from the drawer to my splash screen.

When I put the drawer before screen1 in the visible components menu, it stops the issue of swiping onto it, but means the screen is not displayed. When screen1 is before the drawer, it displays, but when I swipe right to access the drawer I can swipe right again to access the splash screen, and I’m then stuck until closing the app. I tried setting a “when screen1 starts” to enable and trigger the timer again, but this doesn’t seem to work.

I’m looking for a way to either:
Show the splash screen and make it impossible to access again accidentally (stop the stack swiping from the drawer, or otherwise)
Integrate the splash screen with screen2, so that there is no need for a dedicated splash screen but the logo will appear over screen2 for a few seconds and then disappear, leaving screen2 as it should be. I tried this using columns but couldn’t seem to get it right

Any help is greatly appreciated

When going to you drawer, why not make the first command make screen1 not visible?

Where is that setting? I can’t see it anywhere in blocks

You can only hide the status and title bars, but how about making the screen width of splash screen = zero?
You can also change the background and text colours etc to be the same, so text etc is not viable.

There is also several error functions under blocks, “screenx.back pressed”, “when screen1.other screen closed”, which can be used to flick it back to the correct screen.