Draw with Magnetometer

I have a project to draw a pattern on canvas by moving a magnet near the phone and using magnetometer blocks of codes.
if anybody could help me with this it would be appreciated

What have you created so far and what do you need help with?

I am a beginner and so far I have used the magnetometer blocks of codes but I don’t know how to see the flux density changes by placing a magnet toward the phone.
I want to build an app that enables users to draw a pattern by using a magnet near the phone canvas to pick up the pattern on the phone screen. something exactly like this video.

Can you share a link to your project? That way someone can give advice or help you fix anything that’s not working.

here is the link https://x.thunkable.com/copy/dfcb1bd87806095b24c895dcb3eebbb6
in fact, I want to draw a pattern of the magnet that I am moving on top of the phone.
I can see the changes in flux density screen when moving the magnet,
but I don’t know how can I draw on the canvas.

I’m not sure either. I tried these blocks and my phone vibrated in Thunkable Live but nothing appeared on the screen:

Ah, it needed the “When Canvas Loads” block:


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Finally, I could figure it out,
By activating sprite drawing and using x and y flux densities for sprite’s x and y inputs.
Thank you for follow up