Magnetometer compass heading how?

I am trying to build a compass app using sprite and canvas, but I cannot find the get heading to function in the magnetometer. Please help.

Good question. I don’t see a way to get the Function blocks shown in the documentation. Hopefully someone else will have an idea.

i tried it with these blocks and i even added the compass needle (compass image set as a sprite spinning at center) but it’s erratic - it SEEMS to point to magnetic north but it’s off by about 5 degrees. there must be something else i’m missing.

here’s the project:

and here are the only blocks

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Where did you find the call Magnetometer's Heading block? That’s what I couldn’t seem to find.

Oh… I’m guessing those are part of the Canvas?

actually i found it in Components! it currently shows Call Screen (or something else) but the dropdown reveals all the other options!)


Ah, I see now… a bit hidden:

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thank you, found it :slightly_smiling_face:

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