Downloaded application doesn't start

I made some minor modifications (added a text input on the first screen etc.) to an application that used to work very well. After installing the downloaded apk the application doesn’t start. It looks as it would crash instantly without displaying nothing. Also, testing it with the thunkable application doesn’t work. After inputting the code the application starts, but it doesn’t work. On the first screen there is a button for navigation to another screen. Nothing happens when the button is pressed.

Thunkable did it again.!! it was happen last week. They keep doing without test lately. Hope they read this over the weekend.

It is happen to me too.!!

Welcome to our community!
Each case is different. There are many possible reasons for an app crashing.
Could you please share your project URL in a personal message to further investigate it?
We are always happy to offer support.

Of course, but I don’t know how/where to send the private message.

click on the name of @ioannis above and a popup will appear with a blue button marked “Message” - click on that to send a personal message

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Thanks, but I see no @ioannis name. Only ioannis and his photo. Also, I didn’t find the blue button and I clicked everywhere in the page. So, I will post the link here:

Hello! Thank you for sharing your project.

I checked it and found the issue. Please remove the dot (.) from every variable name. You could see the screenshot for more details. In general be careful not to use symbols, such as ?,#,(,) on the names.

Thank you, I will try.

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By the way, is the underscore character “_” permitted?

Yes, underscore is okay

Thank you.

Just following up to see if you were able to download & open your app.

Hello Ioannis. I modified the program. It took a while to get the download because I have a free account and I have only 2 downloads / month. I had to sign in with a different account and finally I managed to install the new version and I just tested it. It works as expected - no crashes etc.
Thank you very much for your help.

Still there is a problem. The live test don’t work. After entering the code, it launches the application on my tablet, but the applications seems to be unresponsive. When I press buttons, they seem to change their state to “pressed”, but nothing happens (as there would be no code associated to the buttons).

Hello @sfartz.sorinz6w
So glad that our previous message exchange was helpful.
Could you please check if you have the latest version of the Thunkable live app on your tablet?

Hello Ioannis, I have an Amazon Fire tablet so I installed the thunkable app from their app store. It is V194 from July 2020.
It has different and strange behavior:
-the corrected application mentioned above is starting, but the buttons doesn’t activate their code
-another similar application is starting and it works
-I made a simple version today and it does not start; it remains blocked with a white screen. I managed to figure that it blocks at a webAPI call. But the other 2 applications use the same algorithm for connecting to 2 microcontrollers and they don’t block at that webAPI.

@sfartz.sorinz6w Thunkable Live is not supported on the Amazon app store and even if it were, v194 is very old. We’ve made lots of changes since then so it is likely you would run into issues viewing any app built in Thunkable now.

Ok. Where I could download the application to use it on my tablet?

The Thunkable Live app is not supported on Amazon devices, unfortunately.

What a pitty. Without thunkable live and with my free account which permits only 2 downloads/month it is very difficult to create applications for my tablet. I bought it only for using in my workshop paired with some cnc machines and I wouldn’t buy another one only for this. Probably I should switch to Android Studio…