Does the finished project compile to native code?

So - Hi I hope someone can help with this little question.

Clearly when we are coding in Thunkable the whole thing is being interpreted and not compiled right?

So when compiled, what would anyone like to guess what the speed of the finished project might be for IoS , Android and Web?

Just askin!


Hey @simonfmurphy45949n

Great question! Our apps compile into React Native. In most cases the performance is really dependent on the level of logic/complexity of your blocks / # of components on a screen at any 1 time / the device running the app

Have you built your first app yet or are you having issues with performance?

Hey Jared

So I am playing in the sandbox of free at the moment and have come up with a cunning plan to see if I can get the link to Air table to be super quick.

The big issue will be that I will have a big Table to access and I reckon I will need to filter this if I am going to get the performance I need!

But when submitted to iOS or Android I am guessing there will be about a 10% boost?

Thanks for the reply!

I am impressed!


I don’t work for Thunkable but I’ve used the product for a while now and I’d say that the performance you’ll get using the Thunkable Live mobile app should be on par with what you’ll get in a downloaded app.

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