Does anyone know how to upload multiple sprites to a canvas?

I am trying to recreate the gyroscope ball in maze app that was released with the new upgrades to thunkable cross platform. In that app, there are many walls that form the maze. However whenever I try to upload more than one image to a sprite type, the canvas ignores all but the first one. I know I can make multiple sprite types, but I can’t seem to add more sprites to each type. I know it can be done because the free public gyro maze did it. There don’t seem to be any tutorials on how to use the new canvas elements. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Thank you but I don’t think I was clear. I see that you have written code for how to make a list of sprites once the app is running, but I can’t upload any sprites into the designer window. I am simply trying to put walls onto a canvas, but I can only put one wall. All other wall sprites are ignored when I try to upload them.

My understanding is that I am supposed to…

  1. add a canvas
  2. add a sprite type
  3. add images for the individual sprites
    ** this is where it fails. I can only add an image to the sprite type but not to the individual sprites.


Got it. I couldn’t figure out the part about dragging a sprite type into the canvas. I assumed you dragged the sprite itself.

You’re right, I’ve read the documentation, but did not understand how to create sprites. After that, at random understood.