Cannot add a sprite

This is probably something obvious I am missing but when I add a new sprite_type - how do I add a sprite to it ?

I cannot see anywhere to add a sprite to a sprite_type

Any ideas anybody ?

The only way I can do it is that when you first drop a canvas on it creates a sprite type with one sprite added, and I then have to click on the sprite and duplicate it.

If I add another sprite type I cannot add any sprites to it. The only way to do it is to duplicate the original sprite type with a sprite already attached.

But there seems to be a display glitch aswell. If I click on the canvas tab at the top I can then click on a sprite and can then duplicate it (see image)

But if I then click on another sprite or sprite type, the option to duplicate or edit the sprite name just disappears (see image)

Does anyone else get this problem ?
I am using the chrome browser

You can drag it from the left onto the canvas.

That doesn’t add a new sprite, it just uses an existing one

Sorry. I must have misunderstood your question. When I drag the sprite_type from the left onto the canvas, it creates a new sprite of that type. I thought that’s what you wanted to do…

No problem… I literally want to know how to create a new sprite - I can create a new sprite type but there doesn’t seem to be anyway of creating a sprite unless you go through the steps I mentioned above.

There is a button to create sprite type… But not one for creating a sprite

Gotcha. I think that’s how it works. Each sprite has to live in a sprite_type collection. If you just want the appearance to be different, you can upload multiple images to a single sprite_type and change the images on individual sprites in that type.

Drag the sprite(s) out from the Sprite Class area (where you normally drag components out from).

Here’s a video without sound that demonstrates this:

Great thanks, so you just drag the sprite type across and it creates a new sprite. Why didn’t I think of that :grinning:

That’s maybe what meisenhardtsjqn was trying to say too -sorry if I misunderstood.

Anyway that’s sorted it. Thanks

Still the issue with not being able to edit the sprite name (see images at top of thread), but that’s a separate issue, and guessing its a bug in the editor.

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For the renaming issue, I’ve been having this problem recently. Not with sprites but just with components in general. I’ll rename a label or a button and when I press return, it just reverts back to the original name (“Label1”). I’m not sure what’s going on with that.