Does anyone have any questions that I can help them with?

Hi guys,
You can help me or ask me any questions about how to fix your app or you can tell me how to make yours more awesome

Do you mean to be posting in thunkable X?

Do you have a lot of experience coding or do you have any app examples of things you have coded or improved for others? I’m always open to helpful feedback!

Well I am in the middle so I have a app but I cannot show it in my post

How can you help people? What knowledge, skills and experience have you got?

Being in the middle of an app doesn’t sound too promising.

Well people can give me ideas and if they want some help i will help and what i mean is I am almost
a pro Jr. and I am only 13 years old so can you give me a brake I am getting started to make a new
and improved app

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Does anyone have any questions?

Hey @serenity.millerev8w4 :wave:

Always great to have enthusiastic new members of the community.

If you’re interested in getting stuck in here are the questions that people currently need help with.

If you know the answer, please leave a friendly reply and if not, no worries you can just move on to the next one! :+1:

cc @Dean_Artis @jared


You better say sorry to me right now


What should I apologise for?

you made me sad after you said being in the middle of a project does not sound promising

This is ridiculous. Let us not speak to each other again.

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no please i did not mean to look i will never be mean to you again

But i do not have any friends and you felt like one

Dean my sister did this it was not me I just got on here and my sister sent those messages i understood when you said what you said

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