Documentation site off today

is there an issue with is the Documentation site?

Hi @Andrea_Marchisio,

Our docs are made with Gitbook.
Gitbook seems to be down today, which means that our docs are currently unavailable.
Hopefully whatever is happening with Gitbook will be fixed soon, but in the meantime we are looking into other means of hosting our docs.

Here is info from Gitbook about this on their Twitter.

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Here is a PDF of the docs which is current as of today (4 June 2020).

Unfortunately, this PDF does not contain images, so please contact a member of the team if you want further guidance on any matter after reading the text in this PDF.

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Docs should be available on
but the availability might be intermittent for a little while as the service we use gets everything back online.

In the meantime please use the PDF that Jane has shared above l.

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