Do something based on switch and list selection

Hey everyone, I am using Thunkable X Pro.

I have 2 switches and 1 List.

I would like to show the user some text based on their selections in these switches and list.

E.g. the user selects true, false, and 1, I would like to show them text that says “Low” . Or if say true, true and 5 were selected the answer would be “High” .

If someone could get me started it’d be greatly appreciated. Cheers

You make each switch “on Value Change” event, and the list viewer “Item Click” event all call the SAME procedure, which uses the combination of switches values and list item to derive your response.

With this, no matter which of the 3 item is changed will result in a re-evaluation of the response based on all 3 possible input.


Thanks CBVG

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