Displaying a user's choice on another screen

Someone kindly help me out to complete my app. I am Zaiyi an 8 year old student studying in class III from India. I am participating in a contest to solve a local problem. I am developing an app named ‘Feed the Needy’ which should help people to feed the needy people with extra food from their kitchens.

Im badly stucked in the food items storage and display screen on the ‘Receive food’ page when a giver selects the type of food in the ‘Give food’ page, it should be automatically displayed in the ‘Receive food’ page when the ‘Receive food’ page opens.

Kindly help me out. Today is my last day to work on my project.


Hi and welcome to Thunkable! It’s great to hear that you are working on an app that can help people.

To get help with your project, you’ll need to post a link to it or some screenshots so that we know how you’ve created it and how to suggest a solution.


Sir, pls find the link below;

would greatly appreciate your help.

I noticed a couple of problems:

  1. I really don’t understand these blocks in your VegCooked food screen. It seems like you’re looping through items instead of just saving the item that was clicked/entered. What’s the purpose of those blocks?

  1. A List Viewer’s text items have to be set to a list or list variable. In your Receive Food screen (see the screenshot below), you are setting List_Viewer3’s text items to many different values all one after another. When you do that, you replace the previous value.