Display Firebase Keys in List Viewer

This question has come up a few times recently so I wanted to share one method for taking Firebase items and displaying them in a list viewer.

There are of course other methods and I’m not even sure this is the best or safest but it sure is easy!

Let’s say I have a set of Firebase data like this and I want to get all of the Games values:

I can do that by referencing the object properties of the data:

That produces this:

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 11.49.57 PM


@tatiang I think this is not question. So, I think you have to post this topic in Thunkable Tutorial.

I wasn’t sure it was enough to warrant a tutorial but perhaps yes. :slight_smile:


Hi @tatiang !

Let’s say in your example you want to create a list with all the “CurrentPlayer” or a list with two itens joined (for example: 05255 - CurrentPlayer) how to load this list viewer?

I’m strugling using “make list from text” block, and counting characters, and delimiters…

Any idea will be welcome!


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This will give you a list of current players from all games:


And this will give you a list of games and current players:


Here’s a project link:


You’d need to supply your own Firebase database and add the API key and database URL to the project.