Different scale between live app and apk

Hi everyone,

I’m new to thunkable and building my first small app.
This forum helped me a lot through this process, but I can’t find an answer to this one :
I built my app regularly checking the result on the live app, where there is this thunkable banner at the bottom. I discovered that this banner is gone in the apk file. So obviously the scale change, the horizontal size stay the same but the vertical size is bigger, every circle becomes an oval, every square a rectangle etc…

I’m on the free plan for now, only two apk downloads per month, so no really room to adjust back and forth.
So I was wondering how everyone deal with this. Is there any way to really display the final result before downloading? Or do we have to adjust,download,adjust,download,adjust…

Let me know if someone has any tips to help with this.
Have a good day !

The thunkable live app “optimises orientation” for a good layout. But in an APK the code is converted into Kotlin/Java, and it’s Android’s choice to display the orientation. It normally makes the components and screen stretch to fill the screen.

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