Diff between local list initialization Vs List Creation from external data

When I create a list locally using a Variable and then remove its first element it works fine. However when I create a list based on user input then when I remove the first element it removes all elements except the last one. However the remove works for all other indices 2, 3 … including Last. First or #1 has issues. So there must be subtle diff between the two lists. Mine or Thunkable bug. Kindly clarify. Please note I am using the same data for both inputs for consistent error duplication. The data is totally random and the occurrence of any element is random.


I can see how this should work since it defines a list with two items, one being the new item, but it doesn’t for some reason:

You should use this block instead:

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Yes!! I much suffer from C++ syndrome. Converting from code to codeless thinking is very tough that too when you are not in your prime :slight_smile: age . Thanks Tatiang you not only gave me a solution but a different mode of thinking!!

Your answer helped remove extra blocks now it is compact and unambiguous.
In my real program I can eliminate tons of blocks!! :pray:

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