Dialog-flow agent not matching intents

one problem with the dialog-flow thing is that you should create intent with the action name on it,and add user’s question on training phrase but not an big list you can add an an entity, add a dialog as a phrase that includes the synonym of the entity,so dialog-flow creates its own list after your done,your ready to create an agent in dialog-flow cx you have been awarded! next,you should select an project id so you can link agents to your already created agents,or firebase projects.next create agent create intents and next,create a page,call the intents and enter the agent response so you can go to the next page. your done.tge exiting news is the integration **google asssistant actions on google**add the intent that will call the agent and add some intents that will use some help and your done but before that make sure you have enabled webhook for the intents you have added to the google assistant.fo more, visit docs