Developer removed from sale

I realy tried to find whts wrong reading the one and only thread i found in the community. To messy thread so - in short i have problem where, i sent my app through the system and when review the app they come back with:

“Developer removed from sale”

Without any more information… So
Did i Remove the app from sale (it sound like that) ? or
Did apple do anything?

Without any clear message from apple i truly dont get it
Can someone PLEASE advice - what is my next step

A Google search for that phrase indicates that you should probably check App Store Connect for any status messages about your app.

Of course i have tried that. I ask the community if there is someone who experienced it and solved it previously and perhaps long before joining the community…

Sorry if you’ve already tried this but… what does it show for Pricing and Availability?

Does it show “All territories selected” or “Remove from sale”?


Lastly, if you’ve published it before, is it possible that you attempted to publish using the same version number again? I don’t know if that would cause this issue but it might be worth checking.

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“Developer Removed from Sale”
Solution is to assign what countries the app will be sold.
This is found under “Pricing & Availability” - When i did that The app when through the process WITHOUT even build a new version to publish. It went “Ready for Sale” immediately
Thanks tatiang to point me into the right direction