[Design Template] Swipeable Screens

Hey Thunkers,

We’ve been getting a few questions on how to create a swiping navigation for your app. Thanks to Tinder and other dating apps, we know this is now a very popular way to move around your app.

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We just created a new section in our docs for design templates – if you want to submit yours, I’d be happy to add it to our docs (so that you can get more shares!).



I think it’s an interesting and very useful feature. But, I see the same problem as with Drawer Navigator: if you don’t see it you don’t know you can use it. I mean, if theres is no menu or additional button, as a final user, you see the first screen but you don’t know that there is another one you can navigate to.

And this leads me to another, and for me critical issue: closing screens. Specially for Android, if you can’t close screens, you may be leaving a lot of them open as you navigate through the app. If someone starts pressing the go back button (or sliding back in IOS) he will see all the outdated info of all the unclosed screens he previously left.
This may lead to malfunctioning due to some outdated data, cofusion for the user, and it doesn’t look very pro. I haven’t found a solution for that.

With all the awesome stuff that you are creating, I think this would be pretty easy to solve for you. Isn’t it?
Thank you very much.


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Thanks for this feedback – I just added this to our list of features to add!

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Any news?
I think this is critical.

Apologies this is on our list of issues – we have a bit of a backlog right now so apologies if we can’t get to this as soon as you would like.

Appreciate your patience in advance -

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Excuse me for my impatience.
I’m waiting for the option for closing screens to launch my project.
Without it I don’t think it does meet the minimum requirements to be offered to public.
Do you have any good news about?

Yeah closing screen should be part of thunkable